Nick Jonas Demi Lovato Concert vs KidzBop Concert?

Last week, after having the opportunity to attend two pop concerts, one with each of my daughters, I formed some unexpected opinions about each of the artists. The first concert, on September 7th at the Bridgestone Arena, was Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. My 11 year old daughter and I got to the show around 7, and caught one of the opening acts, Mike Posner, who had the arena bumping to old and new Mike Posner jams. But, the main acts, Demi and Nick, weren't so impressive.

Now maybe I'm being picky, maybe I'm being too hard on these guys, but when I go to a pop show to see not one, but two mega pop stars, play in an arena, I'm kinda looking for a show. Like, a show show. Something other than just you moving around the stage singing. Now, granted, the light show was pretty cool, with automated lasers dancing about and illuminating the crowd, but other than one or two instances of a freelance guitarist popping on stage for a solo, there wasn't a whole lot to see, besides the computer generated graphics on the big screen. No dancers, no choreography, no trampolines, or flying out into the audience on ropes, no unexpected songs - and they only did a couple of songs together. With all the promotion of these two doing a show together, they could have done so much more, as a team, to make the show stand out and be memorable. I suppose Country fans got a kick out of the surprise appearance of Brad Paisley and Thomas Rhett, the show's saving grace, I suppose, but all in all, I give this concert, on a scale of 1 to 10... a whopping 4.

Now, on the other hand KIDZBOP, which you may expect would be a painful two and a half hour sacrifice, for the love of your little one, was actually a pretty good show!!  For those of you who aren't familiar with the very successful KIDZBOP entity, probably the most successful of its kind.... KIDZBOP, now on album 32, takes all the current pop hits on the charts, and re-records them, with the KIDSBOP kids. The end result being a duplicate of the original song, with edited lyrics, in many cases, to make the song as kid friendly as possible. With over 16 million album sales since its inception in 2001, I'd say these folks have hit a goldmine.  And with that, they certainly have enough of a budget to put on a killer show at the Ryman Theater.... probably more of a budget than Nick and Demi, I'm thinking. Why? Well, my thoughts are this. Who's more likely to PAY for an album? A parent wanting songs for their child? Or a teen / young adult that can very easily download their favorite songs online, for free in most cases. Exactly!

Super vocal performances, smoke machines, automated light up costumes, balls flying around the audience, polished choreography, and a lot of little things to keep the audience, both young and old, engaged in the show! I was certainly impressed. I won't go as far as to give them a 10, but KIDZBOP deserves at least an 8.

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